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Parent FAQ

1. What are the requirements for my cadet to promote?

For a cadet to promote they must take two online tests per rank, pass a PT test, participate actively, and know the cadet oath. Specific Requires at Stripes to Diamonds

2. What is BDU / Blues?

Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) is the uniform worn on Thursday Nights. The dress uniform (Blues) is the uniform issued by the Squadron and is worn on the last Thursday of each month. Proper wear is described in the binder cadets recieved.  It can also be downloaded from:

3. What does my cadet need for meeting nights?

Cadets need to be in the proper uniform, have CAP ID, a completed Form 161 in left breast pocket and the binder they recieved in the mail.

4. What does my cadet need for weekend activities?

Activities requirements vary depending on what they are. However, cadets will always need a completed Form 31. Additionally, for High Adventure Activities a separate Hold Harmless may be required.

5. Where do I get information about CAP?

The new parents section on and also the new cadet help.

6. If I have additional questions?

Try the CAP Knowledge Base.

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