Civil Air Patrol
SAV CAP Civil Air Patrol

Cadet SOP

Weekly Meetings

18:45 to 20:45 Thursdays not including holidays

Parents dropping off cadets will remain until cadet has been cleared into the meeting. Cadets will report for initial inspection at the stairs of the parking lot. A cadet NCO will be there no later than 18:30


Cadets will be in proper uniform. It will be ironed, have all required rank and devices in proper place and in good repair.

Grooming Standards

Cadets will have hair cut shaves and other items as required by CAP regulations or they will be sent home.


Promotions will be held on the last Thursday of each month. This is pin on only. Cadets promotion date will be entered in the system on the actual date that all requires were completed.
Written Testing is accomplished online however, no cadet will promote if testing is completed later that the Sunday prior to the last Thursday of the month. Cadets should complete all required promotion items as outlined on the cadet super cahrt as early as possible.
– PT Testing is completed on the first Thursday of each month. If it is cancelled due to weather cadets are expected to contact their Flight SGTs no later than Tuesday prior to a meeting night and request a make up PT test. Cadets are expected to be at the Squadron no later than 6pm sharp for make up PT tests.
– Drill Tests are accomplished between 6:45PM and 7PM all nights except first and last Thursday of the month. cadets will advise their flight SGTs no later than Tuesday night prior to a meeting that they require a drill test.


Cadets needing supplies must email their Flight SGTs no later than Tuesday prior to a meeting specifying the supplies they need. If they are needing uniform exchanges or other large issues they will be expected to arrive no later than 18:15 to handle this business. Small supply request will be handled by the supply SGT between 18:45 and 19:00.

Overnight and Weekend Activities

Cadets are expected to have CAP Forms 31 and 60 completed and turned in by required sign up dates.

Parent Questions and Requests

Will be submitted to staff via email if a question or meeting is needed parent are expected to contact the Staff no later than Tuesday prior to a meeting.

Cadet Command Staff

Are required to forward all requests or if nothing is required that will be emailed to the senior staff no later than Wednesday evening.

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